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Exponential Technology, Innovation and Navigating Entrepreneurship in the Midst of Uncertainty - Jane Metcalfe and Salim Ismail | Flow Research Collective Radio

July 20, 2020

In this episode, we are joined by Jane Metcalfe and Salim Ismail. We discuss exponential technology, innovation, and navigating agile entrepreneurship.


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In this episode, you will study the following topics:

  • We are learning about exponential growth in 2020 (4:45)
  • The importance of life sciences in 2020 (7:30)
  • How incentives drive decisions (12:25)
  • Risk in the biotechnology industry (16:45)
  • Hacking organizational culture at scale (22:00)
  • Why and how big companies enter into new technologies and markets (25:30)
  • Why real breakthroughs need to happen at a systemic level (31:00)
  • The 4 activities of rich ancient cultures (39:00)
  • Female archetypes in business (42:00)
  • How to integrate all of our system (48:00)
  • The future for small and medium-size business owners (48:30)
  • The neurobiological revolution (52:00) 
  • It starts with mindfulness and conversation (57:00)
  • How both guests handle ambiguity (1:05:00)


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