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Discover The Inner Workings Of Our Flow Training (2/2) โ€” Rian Doris, Conor Murphy | Flow Research Collective Radio

September 28, 2020

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This episode is part 2 of a discussion between Collective cofounder Conor Murphy, Rian Doris, and podcast host Andrew Skotzko.

The episode was originally published on the ENLIVEN podcast and that is why it is hosted by Andrew, not Rian or Steven.

In the previous episode, we have discussed the conceptual foundation for training flow states. Now, we are getting really actionable.

This episode is really a deep dive into the tools and practices that we teach.

We kick off the episode by talking about goals.

  • Why clear goals as a flow trigger are so crucial
  • How the emphasis on distraction elimination and focus for flow can be reconciled with an emphasis on group flow and collaboration
  • The difference between the flow cycle and the flow triggers



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Rooting for you!

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