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Pushing Limits With Flow — Dr. Michele Ufer | Flow Research Collective Radio

November 9, 2020

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Today’s guest is a treat and a true flow scientist. And I am not just saying that: Our guest Dr. Michele Ufer is a runner, performance coach, and researcher that studies all things flow. 

Recognizing, testing, and overcoming limits – that’s what Dr. Michele Ufer is all about.

As a scientist he researches the subject of limits, as a successful extreme runner he tests his research on his own body, and as a coach, he has the expertise gained from 20 years of professional experience.

What skiing is for Steven, running is for Michele.

He has written 6 books on hunting flow, some in English, many of them in German. One of his German books is called “flow hunter” which we find a pretty cool name for all of us flow hackers and impossible seekers.

In this episode, we hear how he defines flow, how self-talk impacts the challenge skills balance, and lots more.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The 250 k race in the Atacama Desert (4:35)
  • Michele’s journey into research (11:00)
  • What is flow? (14:14)
  • Mental training (15:35)
  • Self-hypnosis (18:02)
  • The right techniques to get into flow (18:32)
  • The top golden motivational tip (20:46)
  • Michele’s coaching protocol (21:19)
  • How to achieve peak performance (24:44)
  • The power of self-talk (27:26)
  • Self-talk and the challenge skills balance (31:31)
  • Michele’s mental training (38:38)
  • The power of flow (43:47)



Dr. Michele Ufer is an internationally sought-after expert in sports and management psychology and a successful ultrarunner. As a speaker, coach, and mental trainer, he motivates athletes, executives, and other high performers, promoting top performance. As a runner and someone who pushes his own boundaries, he is attracted by challenges beyond the marathon distance or at great heights. Whether it’s a desert, rainforest, Himalayas, or the polar circle, Michele Ufer is at home on the most extreme running tracks. He has regularly achieved the top 10 ratings.


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